So school has been going pretty good. My birthday was the same day school started tho so that was a bummer. But it still was a great day and I had a fun birthday party. Don’t know how other people are but when I’m at school I am silently chanting in my head “don’t notice me” over and over again😁 I’m waaay awkward and I hate it when people notice me. I also am self conscious and always feel like people are watching and judging everything I do. Anyone else feel like that? I know that literally no one is reading this and that’s fine. I’m still going to write here an there to just talk and rant about what’s on my mind. Right now I’m gonna rant about my drama group. Now these people are sweet and I like them I do but sometimes they do stupid shit. Like for instance the dress code. After our first day our director sent an email saying that the way some of the girls were dressed made one of the boys ‘blush’ so the dress code was going to be enforced. She sent a list of tests the girls have to do to make sure their clothes are ‘modest and appropriate’. Basically they want us to dress like nuns and I’m not exaggerating. If a shirt goes more than 3 inches below your collar bone its out. And your shirt has to be loose and can’t show any curves. Oh and did I mention that if you show up and they dont like your clothes they will take you to the side and give you something to ‘cover yourself up’….. WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLCRAP. rape culture ladies and gents rape culture. Teaching young girls ‘oldest girl in the group is 16’ that they have to cover every inch of themselves and hide their curves which are apart of us, because some little dumb brat is shelters and has never seen a girls body apparently. Now I’m gonna tell you that all the girls in that group dressesd modest to begin with. Sweaters, jeans, t-shirts. That’s all they wore. The only one they might have considers immodest was me cuz I wore v necks and skinny jeans and tank tops with leather jackets. Anyways  Kitty out


Memorial Day

So i hope everyone had a great Mermorial Day. Mine was Ok, it would have been better if my sister wasn’t here but oh well family is family. I mean don’t get me wrong I love her but man can she be a bitch. AnywAys bye


So fun fact about me. I live in a really small town, like everyone knows everyone and they have all lived here since forever. And I also live in the country so I’ve never been to a big city or anything that even resembles a city… untill today! I went to a city for the first time and i was smiling so much that my face started hurting😂 It was amazing and I took pictures of everything and anything. My sister thought I was crazy cuz I took like 30 pics of all the buildings and she said “there just buildings” she and my mom are NOT city people. But I definitely am. Now don’t get me wrong I like to hike in the woods and all that but between walking in a woods and shopping in a mall I’m going to choose mall every.single.time. I love big cities, I guess that comes from never going anywhere, cuz like I’ve never traveled anywhere tho I would totally love to. I think that maybe someday I might move to a big city. Anyways bye bye